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What does Happiness look like to you?

What does happiness look like to you? It’s fair to say that happiness is a state of mind. Take two people with exactly the same things in life, but they may have two very different perspectives on their happiness levels. In this scenario, the… Continue Reading “What does Happiness look like to you?”

Conquer fear, learn to sail your own ship.

When we are looking to start something new it can become easy to become crippled by fear, which in turn may stop this new thing ever getting off the ground.

But what if you could conquer that fear?
What would that mean to you?

Why struggle alone?

When I was an artist, I became a recluse. Working from home I spent weeks without having much contact with people. I was struggling to sell my work, but didn’t have the courage to ask for help. I saw asking for help as a weakness.
Having now broken free from being a struggling artist, I now realise that asking for help is a sign of courage and strength.
Suffering alone, when you’re NOT alone, is unecessary and keeps you stuck in the problem, rather than seeing a way out

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