Adventure Guidelines

All things being equal

Here are Be Your Adventures, we hate the word ‘rules’. It usually means there is a long list of things that you cannot do. However, there are guidelines that we would like adhered too, to ensure a fair and equal playing field for all riders.

  1. You must ride under your own power. This means this is not an e-bike event.
  2. You are responsible for your own sleeping arrangements. These can be ‘wild’ camping, campsites, or hotels. But, whatever you choose these should be available to any of the other riders. What this means is no kipping on your mates sofa, or your mum’s spare room – even if your mum says everyone is welcome.
  3. As with sleeping, you are also responsible for all your other requirements including food, so don’t get your partner to meet you along the route with a pizza. However, I’m sure no one will object if someone turns up on the route giving jelly babies out to all riders that pass by ( be fair here, you know what we are getting at)
  4. With some events you are required to either ride solo or in specific pairs, and not team up with other riders. This might be a requirement in a race, but as we’ve said, this isn’t a race. Feel free to spend time riding with other participants and help each other out in the event of mechanicals if you want. We feel this is a great way to develop the Rough & Ready community, encourage less experienced riders and make friends.
  5. If you have a mechanical, or have to leave the route temporarily for any other reason, you should return to the same point you left it. As the ride is about self sufficiency, you should not be calling your partner/dad/personal mechanic to come out to sort things out. It is your responsibility to repair, or seek a bike shop before re-joining the event. If you accept non-commercial help from outside the participants, then you may continue if you wish, but you’ll be disqualified from any timings or event placings from that point.
  6. If you think you want to scratch, they why not sleep on it. Often things look much better by the morning. You might have eaten, your energy might have returned, and the weather might be better. If then you still want to scratch, then please contact BYA HQ so that we can stop following your progress and we know not to send out any search parties. You will need to find your own way back.
  7. You will need your own insurance, and being insured through either British Cycling or Cycling UK should cover you. This is for your personal liability.
  8. And finally……..we ask that you do nothing to bring bikepacking into disrepute. When camping, remember to leave no trace. Close all gates behind you. Where the route goes through farm fields, do not veer off onto crops, or scare farm animals. Be respectful to other trail users. At times you may be sharing with families, dogs & horses. Give them priority, don’t go whizzing past them, and most of all, be polite. Where the route goes through farm fields, do not veer off onto crops, or scare farm animals.
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