Rough & Ready – The Southern Divide

September 2022

The ultimate southern bikepacking adventure
Take the road less travelled between Lands End and London.
Pass through World Heritage sites, National Parks and AONB’s

By road, what we really mean is ancient byways, mining trails, woodlands, canal paths and a bit of single-track, all joined together with a few bits of tarmac.

Around 640km of gravel bike friendly roads & trails and 8,000mtrs of climbing. You will ride from one side of the country to the other. A Southern Divide from the Atlantic to the Thames.

We now have two paces options for you to chose.
The CHALLENGE pace – 3 1/2 days or 84 hrs
The TOURIST pace – 3 3/4 days or 135 hrs

*It’s a huge challenge
*You will need to be self sufficient
*It will be beautiful
*It will be an amazing adventure

*Friends will be able to follow your progress on Dotwatcher

Challenge Pace

When: 8am Thu 22 Sept – 8pm Sun 25 Sept (84 hours)

Entry Fee: £100 (£15 discount if you have your own tracker)

Tourist Pace

When: 9am Thu 22 Sept – Midnight Tue 27 Sept (135 hours)

Entry Fee: £60

Challenge Event

This is our toughest option. You will be prepared to keep riding, and ride through the night with minimum sleep. This is not an option for the faint hearted. This will appeal to experienced bike-packers who want an end of season adventure.

Tourist Event

A new tourist pace option has been added, which gives more time to complete the adventure.

This option doesn’t include a meet and greet at the end, but gives you more time to soak up the scenery, find camp sites or take advantage of accommodation with walls & a bed if you prefer. You can still camp with all other riders at the start, receive rider packs, be tracked, and added to our finishers board if you finish within the time limit. Be under no illusions though, this is still a significant challenge. This will appeal to newer bike-packers, riders who don’t relish too much night riding, those that prefer to take things a little slower, enjoy the scenery or get more sleep. This option is perfect for those that want to ride with a small group of friends.

2022 is our first year running this event, but we hope it will soon become a calendar favourite. The format is similar to other events you may be familiar with, being an unsupported ride, were you cannot accept any outside assistance that isn’t available to all other riders. You are responsible for your own sleeping and eating arrangements, but we do allow you to book accommodation along the way, if you are not looking to camp/bivvy. However, time is limited, so if you are not a fast rider, there won’t be too much time to relax in hotels!!

There will be controls points along the route, and we are working with Map My Challenges to provide riders with trackers so your friends can follow your progress.

There are no prizes for coming first, but we will be handing out finisher goodies, for those that make the distance in the time cut. There are also some extra special goodies that could come your way thanks to our amazing partners, Tailfin and Faction

This is an ADVENTURE not a RACE. It will be a tough journey, but we hope you’ll have fun too.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and due to the linear nature of the ride, suggest that riders use public transport to get to the start and from the finish. Land’s End is close to Penzance which has a fast train service from London, and London, naturally has transport options to anywhere. If you are travelling from outside the UK, our nearest ferry option is from Roscoff to Plymouth, with mainline railway to Penzance.

Camping will be available at the start and is including in your entry fee. We very much hope that riders will get to know each other by camping together on the Wednesday night.

We hope to be able to carry a small bag for riders (challenge event only) from the start to the finish, so you don’t have to carry any pre-post ride clothes with you.

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