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Marcia Roberts

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

Accountability Plan

You might already have clearly defined goals that you are working on, but sometimes lack the commitment to follow through. Sometimes your motivation is high, but at other times you find life distracts you from getting the work in that you to move forward, or you find yourself procrastinating.
Throughout your life accountability has helped you to thrive. You made progress, got things done and hit big goals. This is especially true when you had someone else to answer to whether it was a parent, teacher or manager. But the problem is that we don’t always have someone tracking our personal goals, and this is where accountability coaching can be so beneficial.
The Accountability plan gives you the opportunity for a monthly 1-2-1 call, on any goal related subject you like.

In these calls we will

Review you goals to ensure that they are SMART
* Follow up on your progress
* Remind you to celebrate success
* Help you to analyse your setbacks, and plan to resolve them
* Provide support and strategies to improve your outcome

The accountability plan helps you to stick to your short-term intentions so that you can reach your long-term goals.

Accountability Monthly Plan £45 pm

Mountain Mover Monthly Plan

Have you decided that you want more adventure in your life, or that you have a new long term activity goal, but you just don’t know where to start?
Have you found over the years that you have been nurturing everybody else’s needs but your own? Maybe your children have now left home and you now have spare time on your hands. Or perhaps you’ve been so engrossed in your career that you’ve forgotten to take time for yourself. Has your relationship status changed and you’ve decided that it’s time to find out who you are and what you are capable of?
Take a moment and look at your life. Does this resonate with you? Do you want to make some changes? Then let’s connect. It’s time to start investing in yourself and start your own adventure. The Monthly Plan includes an initial exploratory session to discuss your current situation and your hopes, dreams and goals. You will have email contact and feedback through the month with an additional 1.5 hour Zoom 1-2-1 session each month.

Together we will
* Explore your values and beliefs and start to understand what your blockers are and how to break away from these
* Learn how to step outside of your comfort zone with confidence
* Develop an action plan that works for you
* Look at setting up habits that lead to success
* Help you to develop your mental toughness so that you tackle setbacks without stress

Mountain Mover Monthly Plan £75 pm

Mountain Mover Weekly Plan

If you want to accelerate your Mountain Mover journey, then sign up to the Weekly plan. This contains all the benefits of the monthly plan, but includes a 1 hr Zoom 1-2-1 session each week.

Mountain Mover Weekly Plan £200 pm

I am greatly enjoying the Mountain Movers Course. It’s a lovely life enhancing thing with it’s own individual style. I do love the exercises.

It turns out that the program has also been really helpful with dealing with my health issues too.

Kate Brodie

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