What does Happiness look like to you?

What does happiness look like to you?

It’s fair to say that happiness is a state of mind. Take two people with exactly the same things in life, but they may have two very different perspectives on their happiness levels.

In this scenario, the two people are just average people, carrying similar baggage around.

A woman works in a busy office. She works hard, and makes an average wage. The office is 20 miles from her home. She has grown up children and is now divorced. She put on a little weight over the years, but has joined a running group to try to get fitter. She hasn’t got much spare cash, so keeps a tight reign on her spending.

I’m sure some of you can relate to this scenario.

Perspective 1

Joan, hates her job, it’s boring and she wishes she did something else, but she feels trapped there & scared to move on. She gets stuck in traffic every day, which just makes her feel worse. Her children only seem to contact her when they want something so she rarely sees them. She’s fed up and lonely, and also she looks forward to running once a week, she hasnt really connected with the others in the group. She’s love to go on holiday, but doesn’t have much money, or anyone to go with, so probably wont go anywhere. Joan hates her life.

Perspective 2

Jane, is grateful for her job. It’s not quite what she thought she would be doing, but she’s learning useful skills, which will help her in her career, and she loves her work colleagues. She travels to work by train, and although the trains don’t always run to time, she lives watching the changing scenery, and gets to read lots of books on her commute. She talks to her children often, is connected with them on social media, and they meet up at weekends. She has connected with other members of the running group & they meet up during the week as well. She has started thinking about entering a race to keep her motivated. The group are going to Amsterdam next year for the running festival, so she’s going to join them and treat it as a holiday as well. Jane loves her life.

Joan is quite likely a good person, but she seems to have a glass half empty type of personality. She blames her unhappiness on the people and situations around her, and everything in her life seems to provide evidence to her that it’s just going nowhere. She struggles to make friends and this makes her lonely

Jane, on the other hand, takes her situation in her stride. She makes the most of the opportunities around her, whether that be to marvel at the world outside a train window or to join a group that not only helps her towards her fitness goals, but also creates the opportunity of new friendships. She most likely reframes unfavorable situations into opportunities to grow and practices gratitude. She is definitely a glass half full personality.

Are you a Joan or a Jane?

Where are you looking for happiness?

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