Do you sabotage your success?

Which type of person are you?
Do you think of an idea, embrace it, and work towards attaining it?
Or, do you have a goal, that’s more like a distant dream, that you just never quite manage to achieve?

If you’re in the second category, then some of these traits you may recognise….
Maybe you’re struggling to be in a good (or any) relationship because there seem to be so many other things standing in your way. You’re busy at work, and think, why would anyone be interested in me anyway. And even if they are, they’ll soon get bored, so I just won’t bother dating, and then I won’t get hurt.

Maybe you desperately hate your job, but can’t quite get around to looking for a new one, after all, it can be scary getting to know new routines. Or if you do apply, somehow you always mess up the interview.

Maybe you avoid getting close to new friends, just in case you get caught up in their lives in some way.

You might really want to take up a new hobby, but are concerned that you won’t be as good as others, so if you start, you struggle on alone until the time is right to join others. But you get fed up on your own, and gradually you do the hobby less and less.

If this sounds like you, you’re likely to be a SELF – SABOTEUR.

Without realising it, you create your own obstacles to creating the life you long for and deserve. Unconsciously you are allowing fear of rejection, or failure, or even success – and everything it brings, to dictate your actions. You look for what can go wrong, and your brain does what it can to protect you from getting hurt.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t need to miss out on living your best life. You CAN change your focus, so that instead of looking for possible failures, you look for the opportunities in every situation.

When I have a client who is struggling with making a decision, or who is putting off moving forwards, I ask them to honestly and brutally answer the following set of questions…..

* What do you think you are secretly afraid of that’s getting in the way?
* What is the WORST that could happen if you do NOTHING?
* What is the BEST that could happen if you do NOTHING?
* What is the WORST that go happen if you made a CHANGE?
* What is the BEST that could happen if you made a CHANGE?
* What would it mean to you if you could get the BEST outcome?

As a coach I can help you to move towards your goals and dreams.
I will help you to remove the obstacles, both real and perceived that hold you back.
I can work with you to develop habits that propel you forwards with confidence.

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