Finish what you started

On Sunday, I was booked in for a long distance cycle event, but when I woke up, I didn’t want to ride. However, I did turn still turn up, and in the end rode the whole event, surprising myself with some personal bests on most of the hilly sections. Despite being really tired, I was very happy that I showed up, and completed the task in hand.

Brian Tracey explains that success can only come when you complete things.

What goals do you set yourself, only to give up before you reach the end because you’ve made SOME success along the way?

Here are 3 tips to turn you into a completer of the things that are important to you.

1-Make a decision
Decide what your end goal is, and that you will only be satisfied when you complete the tasks you set out in order to get there. Change your perspective to focus on not only what you have achieved to date, but what you still have to do. If you only focus on the progress you’ll be more inclined to settle for less.

Focus on the goal, and be aware of the obstacles and resistance you will put up along the way. If you are prepared for them, you will deal with them quickly and painlessly.

3-What is your reward?
Set up rewards to help you achieve completion of tasks along the way, but a big reward for reaching the end goal.

Say you decide to lose 3 stone in weight. Set yourself small targets along the way (say, every half a stone), and treat yourself to something (not food) for each target. It might be that you’ll have a manicure for each half stone, a massage for each stone. At the completion of the 3 stone, an indulgent spa weekend.

If the achievement of the goal itself isn’t reward enough, then these treats can help keep you focused through the journey.

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